IP Transit Security

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection System

Today, no one can imagine the world without Internet. Its use has grown steadily over the years and has simplified and enriched the lives of many - with possibilities such as online shopping, vacation booking and chat forums. At the same time, the number of viruses and malicious attacks has also continually increased.

To help stem the flow of attacks, Deutsche Telekom has launched its state-of-the-art IP Transit Security platform, available for Deutsche Telekom IP Transit customers. It protects against volume dependent DoS and DDoS attacks or spikes in traffic due to legitimate requests, such as with flash crowds during holiday shopping seasons.

At Ease telecom in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, we can handle considerably more volume than you alone and have the expertise and specialized manpower to quickly react in your defense.

IP Transit Security detects, filters and diverts

The Deutsche Telekom IP Transit Security DDoS Defense platform first of all detects possible attacks and then works to mitigate the problem. Our reporting and management system provides transparency so that we know what your normal traffic flow looks like and anomalies can be discovered. In case of an attack, traffic is routed to our security farm area


  • Ensures availability by protecting against cyber crime
  • Eliminates loss of revenue, productivity and brand image
  • Comprehensive managed security through Deutsche Telekom’s network
  • Variety of mitigation and countermeasure options available
  • IP backbone security solutions eliminate breaches before they reach you