About us

Making use of experienced employee’s with almost 20 years of experience in the international carrier & wholesale market, Ease telecom is an experienced and reliable partner for data communication services. Working with Deutsche Telekom as our partner, we are offering registered ASN owners direct interconnections with AS3320 starting from small volumes serving hosting providers, content providers, ISP’s, access providers, datacenters, etc.

Our mission is to provide an internet access service with the highest speed and quality level against competitive pricing with the best user experience. The easiest way to reach more than 80 million German eye balls and all other worldwide domains. The full range of IP Transit services can be offered from 50Mbps up to multiple 10/100Gbps connections. Internet users and tomorrow’s customers, including the developing IoT (Internet of Things) tsunami are demanding more and more bandwidth, non-congested and low latency access to the internet, we can help you fulfilling this demand.

Interested? Please contact us at info@easetelecom.com.